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At SPA Consultores we are aware of the role played by small and medium-sized companies in the Dominican Republic, which constitute an important support in the productive apparatus, playing an important role in the economic development of the country, due to their contribution to the gross domestic product, to the generation of jobs and that, due to their marked characteristics, make them a factor of political and social stability.

The latest studies indicate that SMEs in the Dominican Republic contribute 27% to the Gross Domestic Product and generate 57% of jobs. More than 77% of MSMEs are concentrated in urban areas and less than 23% are located in rural areas. Most belong to the trade sector (46.6%) and services (31.6%).

58% of small businesses source from wholesale warehouses and only 9% buy directly from raw material producers. 12% of small businesses indicate that they operate with unpaid workers; that is, it is made up of the owner and his family.

To facilitate tax and labor compliance and generate business opportunities and provide guarantees to the SME sector, Law No.187-17 was approved, which establishes a business classification for companies according to the number of workers and gross sales , said Law considers that a natural person or legal entity that carries out agricultural, industrial, commercial or service activities, rural or urban, will be classified as:

  • Microenterprise: If you have up to 10 workers; and annual gross sales of up to eight million Dominican pesos (RD$8,000,000.00).
  • Small Business: If you have between 11 and 50 workers; and annual gross sales of up to fifty-four million Dominican pesos (RD$54,000,000.00).
  • Medium Company: If you have between 51 and 150 workers; and annual gross sales of up to two hundred and two million Dominican pesos (RD$202,000,000.00).

Our specialists in the area of advice and support in compliance with tax obligations understand the SME sector and its environment very well, to offer quality services, adapted to the measures and conditions of each small and medium-sized company, supporting them in:

  • Annual Affidavit of Income Tax for Legal Entities (IR-2)
  • Annual Tax Return on Assets
  • Annual Affidavit of Tax on Individuals (IR-1, RST)
  • Sending Forms 606, 607, 608 and 609 monthly no later than the 15th of each month.
  • ITBIS Affidavit
  • Sworn Declaration of Employees' Withholdings IR-3
  • Sworn Declaration of other Withholdings and Complementary Payments IR-17
  • Preparation of financial statements for banking purposes
  • Audit of financial statements
  • Consulting in general