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At SPA Consultores we are aware that compliance with laws is a challenge that each company has, this makes it necessary to have legal advice according to its nature and importance.

We focus on offering comprehensive legal advice, whose approach is based on confirming compliance with the legal system by our clients, regarding their constitution, operation and business line. For this, it is essential to carry out a diagnosis of the company, before providing the appropriate legal advice. In this way, your company will be able to prevent possible tax, contractual and labor contingencies, as well as those that arise in the Public Administration, which could cause a negative effect on the economy and the growth of the Company and affect the reputational image.

We focus on providing legal advice in the following areas:

  • Tax legal advice
  • Labor legal advice
  • Commercial legal advice

Tax Legal Advice

Our services in the area of tax consulting are focused based on the level of risks, needs and opportunities such as: tax planning, tax audit, transfer pricing, accounting management and consulting in general, in order to offer the tools necessary for the correct application of the regulations and that allow maximizing the current tax benefits.

Supported by the experience of our specialists, with extensive knowledge of our current tax legislation, we develop the appropriate tax planning for each line of business, avoiding contingencies and offering the indicated alternative to make correct and timely decisions.

Our work program includes permanent tax advisory services such as:

  • Design of a tax planning program for income tax and control of timely and adequate compliance with formal obligations.
  • Assistance in tax return and/or recovery procedures.
  • Advice and defense in litigation processes of a tax nature (administrative and judicial stages).
  • Preparation of transfer pricing studies and advice and planning on transfer pricing.
  • Advice on company reorganization processes and company acquisitions (Due Diligence).
  • Accounting expertise, administrator or liquidator of insolvent debtors and notaries, for transitory procedures, extrajudicial conciliations and/or arbitration.

Labor Legal Advice

Our advice includes all services related to labor law, from the affiliation of workers in the Social Security System to the defense of our clients before the courts of justice. We also provide guidance regarding labor and collective law during the term of the employment relationship.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of general employment contracts and subject to modality.
  • Settlement of salaries and working hours.
  • Guidance regarding social and labor policies to be developed by the Company.
  • Preparation of internal regulations.
  • Settlement of payments to the Social Security and AFP system.
  • Generation of reports for presentations to different organizations.

Commercial Legal Advice

At SPA Consultores we offer extensive commercial legal advice through a staff of lawyers who are experts in corporate law.

The purpose of preventive legal advice is to avoid the risk of lawsuits as a result of non-compliance with pending obligations, as well as adequate defense against external demands or the preparation of commercial action.

The execution of commercial titles is of vital importance, as well as advice on planning and corporate legal administration and advice on processes such as bankruptcy or the execution of commercial contracts.

We also provide advice on the creation of various commercial contracts and management of all types of credit titles, which entail timely and adequate advice on the product that the client needs.

  • Legal advice on all commercial activities to be developed.
  • Preparation and execution of contracts.
  • Review of contracts already drawn up.
  • Review and analysis of the legal status of the Company.
  • Modification, adaptation and updating of the legal status of the Company, by shareholder modification, or in application of new legal provisions.
  • Property acquisition and registration.