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We have the support of Transfer Pricing, a Mexican Firm, specialist in Transfer Pricing, which has representatives in several countries including the Dominican Republic , with this alliance we guarantee solutions in Transfer Pricing at the highest level.

Local knowledge coupled with international experience allows us to plan and develop strategies for compliance with regulations when analyzing operations carried out between related or related parties, which are regulated by articles 281, 281 bis, 281 quater and 281 quater of the Tax Code and Regulation 78-14 on Transfer Pricing.

a) For the purposes, are considered related or linked parties, natural persons, legal entities or entities, provided that one of them resides or is located in the Dominican Republic and with respect to which any of the assumptions of relationship defined in Paragraph IV of Article 281.

b) The taxpayers covered by the transfer pricing regulations are individuals, legal entities or resident entities that carry out operations with:

  • Its related parties abroad.
  • Its resident related parties.
  • Individuals, companies or companies resident or domiciled, incorporated or located in States or territories with preferential tax regimes, low or no taxation or tax havens, whether or not the latter are residents.

Advance Pricing Agreements (APA)

By virtue of the provisions of Article 281 Bis, of the Tax Code, taxpayers who carry out operations with their related parties, may request in writing, within the first three (3) months of the fiscal year, to the General Directorate of Internal Taxes, the conclusion of an Advance Price Agreement (APA).

The transfer pricing obligations contemplate the performance of a study for the valuation of the operations with related parties and the presentation of an Informative Declaration of Operations between Related Parties (DIOR), which must be presented annually through the Virtual Office, no later than one hundred and eighty (180) days after the close of the fiscal year.

Contact us and we can advise you to satisfactorily comply with tax duties and obligations regarding transfer pricing, and explore possible savings that we could identify, supported by the legal basis of Law 11-92, its regulations, rules general and binding queries.